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  • Phantom Rd 2
    Round 2 - The Phantom Preview
    After a great round of footy in #AFLOrd1, @PhantomAFLO is expecting to see a lot more of the same this week with some big games to be played in #AFLOrd2.
  • Phantom Rd 1 review
    Round 1 - Weekend Results
    Ontario is such a better place when there's footy being played. A solid weekend of Awwsie Football across the province and here's a quick review of what happened.
  • phantom round 1
    Round 1 - Footy's Baaaaccckkk!!
    AFL Ontario is the last of the major Canadian leagues to kick off and hasn't it been a long time coming? Plenty of unanswered questions from the end of season 2014...
  • Phantom Grand Final 2014 review
    2014 Grand Final - The Phantom Review
    With the biggest games of the season now played, the Phantom gives his final review for the 2014 #AFLOntario season!