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13th Grade14th Grade15th Grade16th Grade17th Grade19th GradeFUN FOOTBALL (Midgets)GIRLSMEN: NFFMEN: NorthlandMEN: Northland MINI FOOTBALLWOMEN: NFFWOMEN: Northland
13th Metro Grading Group 1FixturesResultsStandings
13th Metro Grading Group 2FixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 13th Div 4 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
14th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
14th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
HW 14th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 14th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 14th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
15th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
15th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
HW 15th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 15th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 15th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
16th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
16th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
17th Grade MetroFixturesResultsStandings
17th Grade ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
HW 17th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
HW 17th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Sat U19s Group A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Sat U19s Group B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Sunday U19s Group A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Sunday U19s Group B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
2015 Norwest United First Kicks/ Fun FootballFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 15th Premier DivFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 15th Div 1FixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 14th Grade Premier Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 14th Grade Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 14th Grade Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 13th Premier GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 13th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 13th Div 2 City GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 13th Div 2 Town GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 11th Div Black GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 11th Div Red GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 12th Grading Div 1FixturesResultsStandings
Girls 12th Grading Div 2FixturesResultsStandings
Girls 10th Div Orange GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 10th Div Purple GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 09th Div Green GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls 09th Div Yellow GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 17th Premier DivFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 17th Div 1 CityFixturesResultsStandings
Girls Combined 17th Div 1 TownFixturesResultsStandings
Joma Mens Northern Pre Season Tournament 2015FixturesResultsStandings
Joma Mens' Federation Pre Season Tournament 2015FixturesResultsStandings
ASB CHATHAM CUPFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Men's Premier DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Men's Premier Reserves DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Men's 1st DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Men's 1st Division ReservesFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Men's 2nd DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Men's 2nd Division ReservesFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Men's ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Men's Conference Reserves FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 1st DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 2nd Division FixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 3rd DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 4th DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 5th DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 6th / 7th Divs Harbour Grading groupFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Men's 6th / 7th Divs West Grading groupFixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 1st DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 2nd DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 3rd DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 4th Division FixturesResultsStandings
NFF O35s 5th DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF O40s ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
Northland Premier DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 2nd/3rd Divisions GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Northland 1st DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 4 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 5 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 12th Div 6 Grading FixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 1 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 2 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 3 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 4 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 5 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 11th Div 6 GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th All Whites Div A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Brazil Div A GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Harbour B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Anawhata Div B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Wairau Div B GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Mairangi Div C GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Onepoto Div C GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 10th Bethells Div C GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Hauraki Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Hokianga Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Kaipara Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Kawau Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Manukau Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Matangi Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Karekare Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
SW 09th Motuihe Div GradingFixturesResultsStandings
Joma Women's Federation Pre-Season Tournament 2015FixturesResultsStandings
Joma Women's Premier Pre-Season Tournament 2015FixturesResultsStandings
ASB Women's Knockout CupFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Women's Premier DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NRFL Women's Premier Division ReservesFixturesResultsStandings
AFF/NFF Women's ConferenceFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's 1st DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's 2nd DivisionFixturesResultsStandings
NFF Women's 3rd & 4th Divs Grading (RE-DRAW) FixturesResultsStandings
NFF WOMEN'S FRIENDLIES 2015FixturesResultsStandings
Northland Women's Premier DivisionFixturesResultsStandings

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