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Record basketball game statistics and webcast matches in real-time.

Already in use by a number of professional and semi professional leagues around the world, FIBA LiveStats is a notebook-based software application that allows users around the world to record basketball game statistics and webcast games in real time. 

Provided free via download, FIBA LiveStats is fully compliant with FIBA rules, and allows the user to set up a game, including players, coaches and officials from both teams, and collect full statistics using a simple point and click method.

The FIBA Live Stats application is available in English, Spanish and French and Leagues can webcast in up to 25 languages including Chinese, Portuguese and Italian.

Click Here to Download FIBA LiveStats version 4 - Recommended for standard/recreational use

Click Here to Download FIBA LiveStats version 5 - Should only be downloaded if currently implemented across your league - You will be notified of this. Do not download V5 under any other circumstances as the normal game key format (i.e. game keys used with LiveStats V4) are not compatible with V5

  • A simple software interface for recording statistics as they happen.
  • Box score, play by play and shot chart reporting including all official FIBA statistics - New Reports available in latest update include Plus-Minus Summary, Start List, Rotation Summary, Combination Summary and the ability to print an official scoresheet.
  • Free licensing (fans can download FIBA LiveStats and record stats for their friend’s or family’s matches).
  • Simple and free webcasting to anyone in the world. Provided the user is online, the game can be up and webcast within a minute or two of starting.
  • Import and export game data, allowing integration with the FIBA Organizer competition and results system.
  • Webcast renders automatically for mobile, tablet and PC devices
  • Application available in English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Webcast available in over 25 languages including Chinese, Korean and Portuguese
  • League based CMS offers automatic twitter score updates for access please submit a request
  • TV Statistical Feed can be activated on request - visit to submit a request
Who is LiveStats suitable for?
  • Professional, semi-professional basketball leagues
  • Local basketball leagues, clubs and teams.
  • Individual users (basketball participants, their family and friends)

Users will be prompted upon installation of FIBA LiveStats which language they wish to install - options available are English, French, Spanish & Italian.

Minimum/Recommended PC Specs:

Refer to the following support article for minimum and recommended PC specs when operating LiveStats


For support on FIBA LiveStats, please visit

If you have trouble downloading the application or require any help please request assistance at

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