By Club

  Name Number of Teams
Barking Abbey Barking Abbey 3
Birmingham A's Birmingham A's 1
Birmingham Mets Birmingham Mets 2
Bognor Pirates Bognor Pirates 0
Bracknell Cobras 1
Bradford Dragons Bradford Dragons 1
Bradford Maroons Bradford Maroons 0
Brentwood Fire Brentwood Fire 0
Bristol Academy Flyers Bristol Academy Flyers 1
Bristol Storm Bristol Storm 2
Brixton Topcats Brixton Topcats 2
Bromsgrove Bears Bromsgrove Bears 1
Bury Blue Devils Bury Blue Devils 1
Canary Wharf London Lituanica Canary Wharf London Lituanica 1
Cardiff Archers Cardiff Archers 5
Cardiff Celts 0
Cardiff City 1
Cheshire Jets Cheshire Jets 0
City of Sheffield City of Sheffield 4
College of West Anglia Fury 0
Crawley Crawley 0
Croydon Croydon 0
Derby Trailblazers Derby Trailblazers 2
Derbyshire Arrows Derbyshire Arrows 1
Doncaster Danum Eagles Doncaster Danum Eagles 1
Durham Wildcats Durham Wildcats 0
Ealing Phoenicians Ealing Phoenicians 0
Eastside Eagles Eastside Eagles 1
Essex Leopards Essex Leopards 1
Glamorgan Gladiators Glamorgan Gladiators 0
Greenwich Titans 0
Hackney White Heat Hackney White Heat 1
Hemel Storm Hemel Storm 1
Hertfordshire Warriors Hertfordshire Warriors 0
Huddersfield Heat Huddersfield Heat 2
Hull Wasps Hull Wasps 0
Ipswich Ipswich 2
Leeds Carnegie Leeds Carnegie 3
Leicester Riders Leicester Riders 5
Leicester Warriors Leicester Warriors 1
Liverpool Liverpool 0
London Greenhouse Pioneers London Greenhouse Pioneers 1
London Phoenicians 1
London United London United 1
London Westside London Westside 2
Loughborough Student Loughborough Student 0
Manchester Manchester 4
Mansfield Giants Mansfield Giants 2
Medway Park Crusaders Medway Park Crusaders 1
Middlesbrough Lions Middlesbrough Lions 0
Mold Magic Mold Magic 0
Newcastle Eagles Team Northumbria Newcastle Eagles Team Northumbria 4
Newcastle-under-Lyme College Knights Newcastle-under-Lyme College Knights 0
Newham (NASSA) Newham (NASSA) 1
Northamptonshire Titans Northamptonshire Titans 0
Northants Northants 1
Nottingham Hoods Nottingham Hoods 1
Nottingham Wildcats Nottingham Wildcats 4
Oaklands College Wolves 1
Oldham Titans Oldham Titans 0
Oxford Brookes University Oxford Brookes University 0
Oxford Hoops Oxford Hoops 1
Oxford United 1
PAWS London Capital PAWS London Capital 0
Plymouth Marjon Plymouth Marjon 1
Reading Rockets Reading Rockets 2
Rossendale Raptors Rossendale Raptors 1
Sefton Sefton 2
Sevenoaks Suns Sevenoaks Suns 3
Sheffield Sabres 1
Shropshire Warriors Shropshire Warriors 0
Solent Kestrels 1
Solent Suns Solent Suns 1
Southampton University 0
Southend Scorpions Southend Scorpions 0
Southend Swifts Southend Swifts 0
Sporting Club Albion Sporting Club Albion 0
St Albans Saints 1
Stockport Stockport 1
Stockport Spartans Stockport Spartans 0
Sunderland City Predators 1
Sussex Thunder 1
Swindon Shock 0
Team Gloster Jets Team Gloster Jets 0
Team Solent Team Solent 1
Tees Valley Mohawks Tees Valley Mohawks 2
University of Chichester Thunder University of Chichester Thunder 0
Ware Rebels 0
Westminster Warriors Westminster Warriors 1
Woking Blackhawks 0
Worcester Wolves Worcester Wolves 1
Worthing Thunder Worthing Thunder 1