Touch In The Alice

The Alice Springs Touch Association was incorporated on 24th July 1989. The ASTA have a permanent home ground situated at Flynn Park.

Bar and food facilities are available at the fields.
Off street parking facilities are situated at the northern, southern and western ends of the fields.
Shaded seating and toilet/shower facilities are available.

The Alice Springs Touch competitions are run as Season 1 February-June, with a break during the school holidays, then Season 2 August-December.

This weeks Mixed Finals

Mixed Semi Finals - Friday 29th

F1: B2 Whanau -v- B3 How I touched Your Mother
F2: C2 Untouchables -v- C3 Longe Drops

F1: A1 BOTM -v- A2 18’s (play again in the GF in 2 weeks)
F2: B5 Touche -v- B6 Spartans

F1: B1 Pumas -v- B4 IVS
F2: C1 Cozzies -v- C4 Get Physical

Life Membership - Peter Willis

Please see below - thankyou letter from Peter Willis.

Masters Games Info

For more information regarding the 2016 Masters Games please see the document attached to this page.


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