Teams in General Club

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AJHS Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

AJHS Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

AJHS Hornets  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

AJHS Kings  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

AJHS Magic  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

AJHS Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

AJHS Wildcats  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

AUT University  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

AUT University  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

AUT University Prems  (Premier Men Winter 2015)

Balboas  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Basketball Times  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Bayfield Breakers  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Bayfield Celtics  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Bayfield Heat  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Bayfield Lakers  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Bayfield Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Bayview  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Beach Haven Breakers  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Beach Haven Bullets  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Belmont Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Belmont Dunkers  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Belmont Hawks  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Belmont Hornets  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Belmont Kings  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Belmont Raiders  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Belmont Rockets  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Belmont Slammers  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Belmont Storm  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Belmont Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Belmont Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Belmont Tigers  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Belmont Vikings  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Belmont Warriors  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Belmont Wizards  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Belmont Wolves  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Birkenhead Barracudas  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Birkenhead Beagles  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Birkenhead Bears  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Birkenhead Buzzards  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

BIS Bengals  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

BIS Bombers  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

BIS Brilliantos  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

BIS Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

BIS Tigers  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Boogie Knights  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Bricklayers  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

Burt Splenk  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

CBS Celtics  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

CBS Cyclones  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

CBS Heat  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

CBS Lakers  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

CBS Rockets  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

CBS Spurs  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Chelsea Harriers  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Chelsea Ninjas  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Datacom Blue  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

DDB Mad Men  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Devonport Flames  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Devonport Scorchers  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Devonport Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Dolphinz  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

Dolphinz  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Dolphinz Black  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Dolphinz Blue  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Dolphinz Raiders  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Dolphinz Spinnerz  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

Dolphinz XT  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

FHW  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

Fumblers  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

Glenfield All Stars  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Glenfield Ballerz  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Glenfield Celtics  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Glenfield Dream Team  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Glenfield Phoenix  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Glenfield Tacos  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Glory League  (Premier Men Winter 2015)

Greenhithe Giants  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Greenhithe Wildcats  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Harbour  (Premier Men Winter 2015)

Horselyf  (Premier Men Winter 2015)

Kingsway Warriors  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Knights  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Kristin  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Kristin  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Kristin 3 Blazers  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Kristin 4 Mavericks  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Kristin Black  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Kristin Doves  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Kristin Jade  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Kristin Navy  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Kristin White  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Line 7  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Los Bombers  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Mairangi Bay Jedi's  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Mairangi Mob  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Marlbourough Hoops  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Mavericks  (Premier Men Winter 2015)

MBIS Assassins  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

MBIS Bears  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

MBIS Bobcats  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

MBIS Breeze  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

MBIS Cobras  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

MBIS Falcons  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

MBIS Force  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

MBIS Gators  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

MBIS Hawks  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

MBIS Hunters  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

MBIS Mustangs  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

MBIS Mystics  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

MBIS Panthers  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

MBIS Piranhas  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

MBIS Pythons  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

MBIS Ravens  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

MBIS Scorpions  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

MBIS Sharks  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

MBIS Snipers  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

MBIS Stealth  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

MBIS Stingrays  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

MBIS Storm  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

MBIS Taipans  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

MBIS Thunder  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

MBIS Vipers  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Milford Lakers  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Milford Magic  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Misfits  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Mutombros  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

Narrowneck Fireantz  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Navy  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Navy  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Northcote Bullets  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Northcote Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Northcote Jammers  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Northcote Jazz  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Northcote Nuggets  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Northcote Saints  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Northcote Shenets  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Northcote Sonics  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Northcote Vanguard  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Northside Knights  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

NX Celtics  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

NX Clippers  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

NX Hornets  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

NX Jazz  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

NX Kings  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

NX Knicks  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

NX Lakers  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

NX Magic  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

NX Mavericks  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

NX Nets  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

NX Nuggets  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

NX Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

NX Pistons  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

NX Rockets  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

NX Sonics  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

NX Spurs  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

NX Stars  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

NX Suns  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

NX Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

NX Timberwolves  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

NX Trailblazers  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

NX Warriors  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

NX Wizards  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

OC  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Orsum  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

Orsum  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

Pinehurst Lakers  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Pinehurst Mavericks  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Poison Ivy  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

Ponsonby Aztecs  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Ponsonby Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Ponsonby Panthers  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Ponsonby Patriots  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Ponsonby Penguins  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Ponsonby Phoenix  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Ponsonby Pirates  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Ponsonby Pistons  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Ponsonby Pumas  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Ponsonby Pythons  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Ponsonby Warriors  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Rangitoto Premier Men  (Premier Men Winter 2015)

Rosmini Breakers  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Rosmini Bucks  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Rosmini Celtics  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Rosmini Grizzlies  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Rosmini Knicks  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Rosmini Lakers  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Rosmini Mavericks  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Rosmini Old Boys  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Rosmini Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Rosmini Pelicans  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Rosmini Raptors  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Rosmini Rockets  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Rosmini Suns  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

St Joe's All Stars  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

St Joe's Breakers  (Miniball Mixed League White)

St Joe's Spurs  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

St Leo's  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

St Mary's Angels  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

St Mary's Saints  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

Stallions  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Sub Zero  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

sumOr CARLTON PARTY HIRE  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

Sunnybrae Clippers  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Sunnybrae Sensations  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Sunnybrae Swish  (Miniball Mixed League White)

Swish  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

Team Headbands  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

Team JB  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

The Hinrich Manoeuvre  (A Reserve Winter League 2015)

The Unknowns  (A Grade Men Winter 2015)

Throwbacks  (B Grade Men Winter 2015)

TNIS Blazers  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

TNIS Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

TNIS Celtics  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

TNIS Hawks  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

TNIS Kings  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

TNIS Lakers  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

TNIS Magic  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

TNIS Mavericks  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

TNIS Nets  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

TNIS Raptors  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

TNIS Rockets  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

TNIS Spurs  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

TNIS Suns  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

TNIS Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Venomous Violets  (Forme Spa Women's Winter League 2015)

Verran Cobras  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Verran Pythons  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Verran Rattlesnakes  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Verran Vipers  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Wairau Amazons  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Wairau Knicks  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Wairau Magic  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Wairau Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Wairau Warriors  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Wairau Wizards  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Willow Park All Stars  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)

Willow Park Comets  (Miniball Mixed League Orange)