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Bayside Broncos  (Mens Classic Div 2)

Previously Associated Competitions

Bayside Broncos  (Mens Classic Div 1)

Bentleigh Boomers  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Bentleigh Lakers  (Over 35 Div 2 Men)

Brickettes  (Over 30's Women)

Double Dribblers  (Over 35 Div 2 Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Double Dribblers  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Dragons  (Under 14B1 Boys)

Funbags  (Over 30's Women)

Hasbeenas  (Over 35 Div 2 Men)

Hatch 47  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Hot Mumma's  (Over 30's Women)

Jetz  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Magic (Jones)  (Mens Classic Div 1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Magic (Jones)  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Magic All Stars  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Marines  (Mens Classic Div 2)

Moustache Dynasty  (Mens Classic Div 2)

Pandas  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Penguins  (Mens Classic Div 2)

Peter Pirates  (Over 30's Women)

Pickle Farmers  (Mens Classic Div 1)

Pink Lakers  (Womens Classic A)

Sapphires  (Womens Classic B1)

Sesame Street  (Mens Classic Div 1)

Shaqtin  (Mens Classic Div 2)

Sharks  (Mens Classic Div 1)

SPD's  (Over 35 Div 1 Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

SPD's  (Over 35 Div 2 Men)

St Kilda Force  (Under 18B1 Boys)

The 4 Fathers  (Over 35 Div 2 Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

The 4 Fathers  (Mens Classic Div 2)

The Devils (Douglas)  (Womens Classic A)

Previously Associated Competitions

The Devils (Douglas)  (Womens Classic AR)

The Stingrays  (Under 18B1 Boys)

Warriors  (Under 10A Boys)