Teams in TLS

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TLS Tigers  (U10 Boys Pool 1)

Previously Associated Competitions

TLS Tigers  (U10 Boys Pool 3)

TLS Wildcats  (U14 Girls Pool 1)

TLS Angels  (U12 Girls Pool 1)

TLS Boomers  (U19 Girls Winter 2015)

TLS Dynamites  (U19 Boys Pool 1)

TLS Fireworks  (U14 Girls Pool 4)

Previously Associated Competitions

TLS Fireworks  (U14 Girls Pool 3)

TLS Flames  (U10 Girls Winter 2015)

TLS Giants  (U12 Boys Pool 6)

Previously Associated Competitions

TLS Giants  (U12 Boys Pool 3)

TLS Heat  (U14 Boys Pool 2)

TLS Jets  (U12 Boys Pool 6)

TLS Kittens  (U14 Girls Pool 3)

TLS Magic  (U14 Girls Pool 4)

TLS Panthers  (U19 Girls Winter 2015)

TLS Phantoms  (U8 Mixed Group 1)

TLS Pumas  (U16 Girls Pool 1)

TLS Raiders  (U12 Boys Pool 2)

TLS Ravens  (U12 Girls Pool 1)

TLS Rockets  (U8 Mixed Group 2)

TLS Sharks  (U10 Boys Pool 4)

TLS Spirit  (U10 Girls Winter 2015)

TLS Stars  (U12 Girls Pool 2)

TLS Termites  (U14 Boys Pool 2)

TLS Thunder  (U19 Boys Pool 3)

TLS Torpedoes  (U16 Boys Pool 3)

TLS Warriors  (U16 Boys Pool 5)

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