Teams in Greenvale

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GVG Angels  (U14 Girls Pool 2)

GVG Blazers  (U10 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Breakers  (U8 Mixed Group 1)

GVG Brumbies  (U12 Girls Pool 2)

GVG Cobras  (U14 Boys Pool 3)

GVG Crocs  (U8 Mixed Group 2)

GVG Diamonds  (U16 Girls Pool 3)

GVG Dolphins  (U16 Girls Pool 2)

GVG Dragons  (U19 Boys Pool 4)

GVG Dribblers  (U12 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Dynamite  (U14 Boys Pool 6)

GVG Eagles  (U12 Boys Pool 1)

GVG Enforcers  (U14 Boys Pool 1)

GVG Fever  (U14 Girls Pool 2)

GVG Flames  (U12 Girls Pool 3)

GVG Giants  (U12 Boys Pool 5)

GVG Gladiators  (U16 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Grizzly Bears  (U19 Girls Winter 2015)

GVG Groovers  (U12 Girls Pool 3)

GVG Gunners  (U16 Boys Pool 5)

GVG Hawks  (U14 Boys Pool 4)

GVG Heat  (U19 Boys Pool 4)

GVG Jazz  (U12 Girls Pool 2)

GVG Lakers  (U10 Boys Pool 3)

Previously Associated Competitions

GVG Lakers  (U10 Boys Pool 1)

GVG Lions  (U14 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Magic  (U16 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Phantoms  (U19 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Pythons  (U12 Boys Pool 1)

Previously Associated Competitions

GVG Pythons  (U12 Boys Pool 6)

GVG Quakes  (U14 Girls Pool 1)

GVG Roos  (U12 Boys Pool 4)

GVG Scorpions  (U14 Boys Pool 3)

GVG Sharks  (U10 Boys Pool 1)

GVG Shooters  (U12 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Starlight  (U10 Girls Winter 2015)

GVG Superstars  (U16 Girls Pool 2)

GVG Thunder  (U19 Boys Pool 2)

GVG Tigers  (U16 Girls Pool 3)

GVG Tornados  (U16 Boys Pool 2)

GVG United  (U14 Girls Pool 1)

GVG United  (U19 Boys Pool 4)

GVG Wildcats  (U10 Boys Pool 3)