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2012 Season


Horsham & District Football Netball League Best & Fairest results for 2012

Maddie Focroul – Winner 13 & Under Netball

Hugo Papst – Winner Under 14’s Football

Tim Carter – Winner Under 17’s Football

Fiona Rowe – Winner A Grade Netball

Keziah Freeman – 3rd in 15 & Under Netball

Hayley McDonald – 3rd in 17 & Under Netball


 Under 14 Football                                             A Grade Netball

Best & Fairest                    Hugo Papst                              Best & Fairest                       Fiona Rowe

Runners Up                         James Hallett                          Runners Up                           Hayley McDonald

Most Consistent                Lachie Koenig                         Most Consistent                  Jayne Anson

Most Determined              Ash Devlin                               Best in Finals                       Rebecca McIntyre

Best Utility                          Lochie Bull                              Coach’s award                     the whole team

Most Improved                  Sam Vincent           

Coaches Award                  Bailey McQueen                     B Grade Netball

Leading Goal Kicker          James Hallett (39goals)        Best & Fairest                       Rachel Pipkorn

Best in Finals                     James Hallett                          Runners Up                           Yolly Francis

                                                                                                Most Consistent                  Carly Creek

Under 17 Football                                             Coaches award                    Jenna Wills

Best & Fairest                    Dustin Cross                           Best in Finals                       Yolly Francis

Runners Up                         Tim Carter

Most Consistent                Tim Brand                                C Grade Netball

Most Determined              Anthony Marchesini             Best & Fairest                       Melissa Bouchier

Best Utility                          Tristan Cameron                    Runners Up                           Lisa Kalms

Most Improved                  Mitchell Atkins                       Most Consistent                  Kylie Walter

Coaches Award                  Jack Vague                               Best in Finals                       Kylie Walter

Leading Goal Kicker          McCallum Sanders                 Coaches Award                    Lucinda Phillips


Senior Football                                                17 & Under Netball

Best & Fairest                    Brad Couch                             Best & Fairest                       Hayley McDonald

Runners Up                         Brent McIntyre                       Runners Up                           Louisa Vague

Most Consistent                Adam Jolley                             Most Consistent                  Sammi Avery

Most Valuable Player      Jordan Huff                             Coaches Award

Most Determined              Rohan Adams

Most Improved                  Danny Stonehouse                 15 & Under Netball

Best 1st Year                        Sam Weddell                          Best & Fairest                       Keziah Freeman

Coaches Award                  Ryan Leeder                             Runners Up                           Maighread Bush                 

Leading Goal Kicker          Shane Oakley                          Most Consistent                  Courtney Gregg

Volunteer Award               Wes Howard                           Coaches Award


Reserves Football                                            13 & Under Netball

Best & Fairest                    Heath Francis                         Best & Fairest                       Maddie Focroul

Runners Up                         John Heard                              Runners Up                           Anna Bush

Most Consistent                Jack Butler                               Most Consistent                  Lucy Brand

Most Determined              Stevie Stonehouse                  Coaches Award

Most Improved                  Nathan Hill

Best 1st Year                        Ben Holmes

Coaches Award                  Tim Brand                                Best Club Person         Shane Cross & Russell Papst

Coaches Award                  Todd Richardson

Leading Goal Kicker          Jason Walter

Goals Per Game Avg
2015 Seniors
Adam Hall
Pos Player Team AG 2 Jason Przibilla Demons 4.00 3 Deek Roberts Lakers 3.50 4 Adam Carter Kees 3.00 5 Andrew Watson Lakers 3.00
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