updated 23 May @ 1149

Following the rain over the last 25-odd hours, latest field statuses are on the Association website.

Please check the draft Canteen & Ground Official roster in our FAQs section.

The draw is here

Not sure where the grounds are? Here's a listing.

Please do not train at QEP if it is not open. Field status is usually updated by 3pm, Monday to Thursday. 


Notice Board


Coaching Updates are being run at two venues – one north and one south – with both updates conducted on the same night. This has been done to assist a greater number of coaches to attend in areas of the Association throughout the season.

The Coach Update session will be made up of two components:

1.  Skills Training/Acquisition Phase: 6 – 7pm
2.  Game Training Phase: 7 – 8pm

Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions however engagement with one or the other is also welcomed based upon the level of football you are coaching.


Coach Update – South: Wednesday 10th June 2015 @ Beaman Park [Hurlstone Park WFC]