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5:00 PM / Fri 17 Aug
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5:00 PM / Fri 17 Aug
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Player Profile of the Week

Cassie Dover Gold Coast Women’s Rollers

Nickname: Cassoncé

Basketball History: Gold Coast Junior! Moved to Townsville in 2006 to pursue a WNBL Career. Playing 4 years with Townsville Fire and Dandedong Rangers.

Basketball Highlights: U20 National Champions, 3x State League Champs with Townsville Flames including 2 National Championships!!!!!

Best Thing about the QBL Women Rollers: How well we get along off the court – it will start to show on the court soon enough! Young and Talented group which will all pay off and prove to be an Exciting future for QBL Women on the Coast

What Advice would you give Junior Basketballers: If you want it bad enough, no one can stop you! Whatever team you make or miss in juniors if you continue to do the work it will all pay off.

Funniest Basketball Memory: When I was 15 I was play for the CBA with Tweed Slammers, the first time I made the court (I did a lot of bench warming), I tripped over nothing in the middle of the court – Embarrassing then, Funny Now!


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