Mars U/16.5 Reserves

Grand Final
Sun 13 Sep 1:50 PM at Mars City Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Ballarat 0.0 5.3 7.6 10.11-71
Ballarat 5.2 6.3 8.5 9.6-60
East Ballarat
Goal Kickers: A. Harry 2, Z. Tunbridge 2, N. Green 2, A. Kirby , E. Crow , J. Carter , B. Williamson
Best Players: A. Kirby, J. Carter, N. Green, Z. Tunbridge, B. Williamson, J. O''Grady
Goal Kickers: M. Humphries 2, J. Lukich 2, J. Kernick 2, T. Shalders , D. Brown
Best Players: M. Humphries, D. Brown, J. Kernick, J. Faull, M. Cocomazzo, J. Blackburn

Last Uploaded : Tue 21-Apr-2015 18:04:38

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