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10:03AM, Tue 2 October 2007

ITS OFFICIAL...i'm old

Well, I may have said it before - but there's nothing like having a goal to get your body moving.  The upcoming AMG has provided me with a platform that has included joining a gym, playing a few SP scratch matches and even pumping up the bike tyres which was a great workout at the time.

HOWEVER - I have been pleasantly surprised by our team and our willingness to run to the point of vomiting in order to look eachother in the eye at timeouts.  Its a very different feeling to when i was a young buck in which you could play back to back to back games without blowing out the proverbial candle.

As much as I hate to admit it, the move to the Masters scene indeed tells the story - I am old.  But that's cool; so is everyone else playing!

Bring it on - its been great fun hanging out with the Spacers, even with all that yapping!

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11:33AM, Tue 2 October 2007
Mate, imagine how old you'll feel this time next week after playing a game each day! As my good mate Bon Jovi sings to me in one of his many fantastic songs, we're not old, we're just older!
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02:43PM, Tue 2 October 2007
Bring it on! The 'good' (not repaired) Achilles was feeling very bloody dodgy last night so hopefully it lasts the distance and doesn't end up at the back of my knee like the other one did a few years back! Will be great fun. I believe NVE is looking forward to showing you the Masters party ropes!
Reply to Nick Maywald
12:04PM, Thu 11 October 2007
Hey if the going gets tough, bring on the wheelchairs guys...
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