Love the blues, love my kids, love life & love my wife ...
02:08AM, Mon 14 April 2008


ok ok, i know BUT the mighty blues gave us a glimpse of the future yesterday with a tough win over the mollycoddled collywobbles.  ah, the satisfaction after all my cocky collingwood mates talked about the losing streak (well...maybe everyone i know in football circles who DOESN'T barrack for Carlton!).

Geez, imagine if Collingwood actually had to travel this year; they'd be in serious trouble and not something the AFL would like to ponder, given the red carpet draw they get every season. 

 The Dees next week - could we possibly go back to back?!! (shhh, not yet)

 In any case - was great to sing the song with the wife and kids at the MCG & good to see the Blues were actually able to remember how to get over the line after all this time!!  RA DA DA DA DA

geez, and how about Barry Hall, ey - thought it was the old footage of robbie muir cleaning up our old mate, dennis collins

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11:00AM, Mon 14 April 2008
I've been to only a few Carlton games in the past couple of years. I haven't seen them lose in that time. Very lucky I'd say.

Go Dees
Reply to Hoody
11:21AM, Mon 14 April 2008
11:44AM, Mon 14 April 2008
WHO CARES! I couldn't give a fat rat's toss about Carlton.....or Collingwood. Get ready for the next sports log from the Yapper!
Reply to The Yapper
12:10PM, Mon 14 April 2008
For someone that doesn't care you're very quick to comment!

I don't blame them, I'd be doing the same thing in their shoes
Reply to Clarky
12:30PM, Mon 14 April 2008
yeah - you're the worst one yapper with all your talking and your thug mates punching up unsuspecting swans
Reply to Andy Collins
12:40PM, Mon 14 April 2008
That would be unsuspecting EAGLES! At least we're up the pointy end....and we know how to fight. Bring on Big Bad Bazza vs he still boxing?
Reply to The Yapper
12:45PM, Mon 14 April 2008
we know how to fight? with 12 weeks on the pine, he'll have plenty of time to work on the heavy bag - perhaps time better spent working on the anger management.
Reply to Andy Collins
12:50PM, Mon 14 April 2008
I heard Bazza is going to provide some pre-match enteratinment before home games. The boxing ring used for the Fenech vs Azumah fight at Princess Park is on the back of a truck and heading north as we speak. First bout is Hall against that underperforming human headline at Collingwood. What's his name again, is it ROCCA?
Reply to The Yapper
12:55PM, Mon 14 April 2008
maybe he could fight a REAL heavyweight...Lance 'Banger' Whitnall
Reply to Andy Collins
02:20PM, Mon 14 April 2008
I heard Whitnall's new nickname was - Two Tonne Tessy!
Reply to The Yapper

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