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01:00PM, Wed 30 April 2008

19 men and extra time - what can we learn?

G'day - a couple of thoughts on the weekends so called 'debarcle'.

Firstly - the rules have to change.  The AFL are in control of the interchange bench so ultimatey, it is them, not the Swans to blame here.  How could they have let an extra player run on to the ground.  Obviously the checks they are presently putting in place are not sufficient.

Think about Pommy Football, Ice Hockey and Boxing for a moment 

The premier league have a system whereby play stops when players are replaced.  We obviously don't want this to occur; but should we have a more obvious and transparent view of who is running onto and off the ground.  If the Interchange Steward (whatever they are called) held up a player's number, for instance, the AFL would have a clear view of who's on and off.  It seems the Swans have now told the AFL that it was the new bloke, not Darren Jolly who was the '19th man.'  If the AFL runs the interchange bench, how could they possibly not have known this fact?

OK - so, if a mistake is made, do we penalise the team - or is it the AFL?  On reflection; why have the swans been fined?  Is it actually their fault when the AFL is in charge here?

In any case - Ice Hockey have a sin bin.  Therefore, the AFL could impose a 'sin bin' type situation whereby if there are 19 on (for instance), they have to sit a player in the bin for 10 minutes, playing with only 17 for that timeframe.  Also, Barry Hall could have spent a quarter in there the other week.

Boxing have a 'points deduction' penalty system in place for hitting below the belt or biting off someone's ear.  The current rule states that if the Team Captain calls for a count and there are extra players on the field, then all points are deducted from the team in breach. (against Sydney, tha generally only means 6 goals!) - however, the AFL could easily put in place a points deduction rule without distracting from the flow of play.  The umps are wired up; so at any stoppage, they could be alerted to a breach of the rules and make some hand gesture at which time, 3 goals (whatever) are deducted from the score of the guilty team.  The ball bounces and play resumes.

I would lobby that if it is Collingwood that is in breach and lose 'points', the new umpire hand signal is 2 fingers in the air.

Finally - I think its time for extra time; in both home and away, and in finals. 

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01:45PM, Wed 30 April 2008
That's nuts! We already tinker with a game that was already great so much. A draw is a perfectly fine way to end a game, especially if it is of no fault with umpires and both teams played their guts out. I reflect back to the Collingwood v Essendon Anzac day match that ended in a draw. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was the very first one? A draw seemed the most fitting result for a day which seasawed and neither team could claim they were the better on the day.

2 points are better than none, especially when you're team could lose in extra time and you don't get any points. Extra time in finals is the only place it should be used. You get draws in soccer all the time unless it's finals, or a tournament so why should AFL be any different.
Reply to Clarky
01:56PM, Wed 30 April 2008
I agree with the collingwood rule, they should be penalised in as many ways as is possible. I think it would be funny if for 1 minute of every game every Collingwood player had to stand still, or even be braced to the ground with large rubber bands while the other team can either just kick as many goals as they can during that period, or they can choose to verbally or physically taunt them by throwing eggs at them and make jokes about them to the other players.
Reply to Sam Fewster
02:03PM, Wed 30 April 2008
Who cares - Sydney gets 2pts! WhoooHoooo!
Reply to The Yapper
03:53PM, Wed 30 April 2008
I'm with you on taking points off a team, say 3 goals or whatever it is. makign their score zero is a bit rich but deducting points will definitely get them thinking about whether or not they are going to cheat. a fine certainly won't deter them....

as for a draw in the home and away season, i have no problem with it except for this week's debacle - which really is less about a draw and more about fairness.... should sydney have kicked a goal the draw debate wouldn't happen and it would be all about what it should be about, giving the 4 points to North... sorry! i changed the subject again...
Reply to Pink Kangaroo

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