I grew up with one dream to make my dad proud. I believe its not how good you are or crap you play its about how you teach others the means of spirit in the game. oh and my Msn name is billy_thekid92@ ...
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    11:59AM, Tue 8 September 2009

    All About me

    Howdy Y'all im Billy scott or Will but either way i dont mind im 16 years old i have played hockey for now 12 years. i started playing hockey when i was 4. I live life as it comes whether i hate it or love it i just enjoy it while it last because the last thing i remember my dad saying to me " Don't make the same mistake as me", he died early that morning when i was only 5 and on the day before my B'day but i got over it. nothing can change the past or the present but you can make a ... more

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    02:18PM, Tue 21 April 2009

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