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    Year of birth: 

    Position: Shooting Guard
    Team: Which team do you play for?
    Club: What's the name of your club?
    League: What league do you play in?

    Sporting Interests:
    Football (Soccer)

    Favourite Players
    Current: Kobe, LeBron
    All-Time: Who else but M.J.

    Other Interests
    Music: What music do you like to listen to?
    Film: What films and film stars do you like?
    TV: What do you watch on TV?
    Books: What books do you like to read?
    General: What other interests do you have?
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    04:53AM, Tue 21 August 2007

    Make it personal!

    Make it personal! |Welcome to mySport and your mySport 'Sports Log'. This is the place for you to preview forthcoming matches, report on games you've played, write about the teams you play for or about the clubs you support - or about anything you want to get off your chest.
    Did you know that you can invite your teammates, family and friends ... more

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