I grew up in Rockhampton and started playing hockey at four. My career highlight was winning an Olympic Gold in Athens 2004 with the Kookaburras and scoring the winning goal. I play for HC Bloemendaal ...
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    reply  Marcus Williamson wrote
    at 10:30PM, Thu 21 June
    Good luck for the 2012 London games Jamie and the rest of the Kookaburras. An ACL reconstruction is keeping me from playing so watching you guys is nearly as good as playing..... nearly.
    reply  mani wrote
    at 07:51PM, Thu 14 June
    good luck jamie for london olympics.
    reply  TayTay wrote
    at 06:20PM, Wed 23 May
    Thankyou Jamie, i live in asmall country town and we dont have a hockey team here i have to drive two hours to train evry tuesday and friday is t posible to start upa hockey team where i live ??
    reply  Ken Palframan wrote
    at 10:39PM, Tue 10 January
    Hi Jamie it looks like your hockey is still going strong as all ways when i was playing A1 extended league for Meteors in Gladstone I used to look forward to coming to Rocky and playing against you and Astro back in the day when he was the player i used to fear keeping against. Have fun my friend and keep on entertaining us with your great skill on the hockey field. I gave the game up for about 14 years and have only been back at it this will be my third year back playing and I now kick my self for every stopping, I am going to try and play A grade this year for a local club in the area i live now Ipswich (west of brissy) the club Is Hancocks Brothers Hockey Club. So if you every feel like getting out and watching a match feel more than welcome . I look forward chatting to you again soon Ken
    reply  Dani or D wrote
    at 03:51PM, Wed 7 December
    Best of luck to the team . We're back in oz supporting you guys. Hi to my cousin Mark Paterson from us over here.
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