Hi everyone. I'm Billy Slater and I play Fullback for The Melbourne Storm and for Australia in the national team. Welcome to my website where I will keep you posted on all that happens throughout the ...


reply  arnie wrote
at 11:23PM, Tue 4 September
reply  Lachlan Fenton wrote
at 09:49AM, Wed 13 June
storm r the 2nd best, after the cowboys
reply  Lachlan Fenton wrote
at 09:46AM, Sat 17 March
How is your shoulder? Oh, and Billy, u r the BEST
reply  luke lonsdale wrote
at 02:46PM, Mon 29 August
r u really billy slater and maddog im billy fav fan bro your not even close
reply  Ayush Nair wrote
at 08:59PM, Fri 12 August
ayush ayush ayush ayush ayush ayush ayush ayush ayush ayush
shalini shalini shalini
alyssa manalo alyssa manalo alyssa manalo
reply  robocop wrote
at 02:07AM, Sat 6 August
Awesome player mate..like watching you play...always admiring and cheering..keep it up and God bless
reply  Maddog wrote
at 05:30PM, Fri 5 August
Slater u r my biggest fan!!!!!!!!!
reply  Joss the Kid wrote
at 01:22PM, Mon 18 July
Billy the king, please tell me what to do to become a monster in the full back
reply  taj hinton wrote
at 05:42PM, Sat 16 July
are you really billy slater
reply  taj hinton wrote
at 05:42PM, Sat 16 July
are you really billy slater
reply  logos wrote
at 08:58AM, Wed 6 July
hi billy your the best fullback in the world you played well in the state of origan your awsome
reply  Billy McNaughton wrote
at 02:28PM, Sat 25 June
Hi, Billy you are the best fullback i have ever watched. GO BILLY SLATER!Biggest ever fan ,Billy Mcn.You played well in the state of origin. Go The Maroons, and Go the Melbourne Storm.
reply  Ben Kearney wrote
at 04:28PM, Fri 17 June
i saw you play at state of origen Go maroons at ANZ stadium. You are a really good player.
reply  Ina <3 DC wrote
at 08:19AM, Tue 14 June
Slater the man!!! My bby brother has shoes like yours so cute Honestly we say hes the Next Slater LOL...
reply  Jacob Merlino wrote
at 07:58PM, Wed 18 May
you are the best billy
reply  Jacob Merlino wrote
at 07:58PM, Wed 18 May
you are the best billy
reply  John Nasalio wrote
at 07:56PM, Thu 28 April
aye thanks for the welcoming.
reply  John Nasalio wrote
at 07:56PM, Thu 28 April
aye thanks for the welcoming.
reply  Claudie / Claude wrote
at 07:43PM, Mon 18 April
My All Time Favourite :)
reply  Caleb Hatcher wrote
at 11:42AM, Wed 13 April
Hey Billy do you like jarryd hayne because last year it didn't look like you did
reply  Caleb Hatcher wrote
at 10:47AM, Wed 13 April
Thanks your my all time favourite player.
Great game on Sunday coming to your game this Sunday at Penrith
reply  Ben wrote
at 01:18PM, Sun 20 March
Hey billy great game last night
reply  Sharon Sellars wrote
at 06:49PM, Thu 10 March
u r welcome cant wait to c u all in adelaide xox
reply  taid reddington wrote
at 12:08AM, Sat 5 March
thanks Billy for signing my shirt tonight outside rod laver, i know you had a busy night and you still had time for me, mum and dad were really impressed and said to also thank you very much.
reply  Johnny wrote
at 08:33PM, Thu 17 February
You are the best
reply  jakeyboy wrote
at 10:04PM, Fri 21 January
slater your a dog
reply  ?????? wrote
at 04:58PM, Sat 8 January
heyy billy ur the maddest fullback ever u put hayne to shame :)
reply  Johnny wrote
at 09:26AM, Mon 3 January
You are so good at League
reply  Jonathan Montaos wrote
at 05:13PM, Fri 19 November
your the best rugby league player ever! better than jarryd hayne,jamie soward even ANDREW JOHNS
reply  Lachlan Fenton wrote
at 03:09PM, Mon 18 October
hey Billy
reply  Bek Tully wrote
at 09:40AM, Tue 12 October
i luv u so much billy!! at school we r doing a project on our fav person and i chose u luv u tonnes xoxo
reply  Beno wrote
at 06:47AM, Wed 29 September
Sorry About the year Billy.
reply  Shanstar wrote
at 06:34PM, Mon 27 September
thanks for the message
reply  Black Panther wrote
at 04:54PM, Sat 18 September
You are the best rugby player ever!
reply  Graeme Spring wrote
at 06:09PM, Tue 7 September
Thanks Billy. Love watching you play, told my mates here in Cohuna, when you started with Storm that you'd be a great player, they laughed then, but who's laughing now. Been following Storm since they started, was a member, but let it lapse due to personal issues, but will be joining again. Great Club, Great players, all of you. Regards Graeme
reply  Dee wrote
at 11:08PM, Tue 17 August
hey Billy, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful season of footy. I can only get to a few games each year as I live
5 hours away but at least I get to see you play. I am thinking of relocating to Vic some time soon cause I hate the town I live in. Maybe then I can get to more games. DOn't know if I want to go back to nursing or stay in retail. I really don't like these 4am starts I have to do they stress me big time. So what do you reckon, which one should I do? Now I better go to bed I have my massage tomorrow, need to relax been quite ill with the flu this week but kind of on the mend now, so thank you again & I am treasuring the photo I had taken with you at the last game I was at. Good luck with the rest of the season., luv ya
reply  Shanstar wrote
at 06:20PM, Wed 28 July
I am your BIGGEST fan eva Billy The Kid GO BILLY!! WOO
reply  boga , matthew bougoure wrote
at 07:49PM, Sat 24 July
hey billy you are one of the best ever players in rugby league. from matt bougour
reply  Ryan Chappell wrote
at 07:08PM, Wed 21 July
Awesome you are the best player in the world and i got a jersey just like yours. From Ryan Chappell.
reply  Kit Kat wrote
at 05:25PM, Wed 21 July
reply  Chevy Purdie wrote
at 12:49PM, Thu 8 July
Is this the real slater or is this website another fake?
reply  Bryn Lloyd wrote
at 10:10AM, Thu 8 July
Hey Billy that was a good win last night and your try was wicked, that guy scott should got got sent of, i'm glad you won last night. Bye Billy (GO QLD, BOO NSW)
reply  Dee wrote
at 09:46PM, Thu 17 June
Just wanting to wish Billy a very happy Birthday for 2morrow. Many happy returns & celebrate hard sweetpea. Shame I can't give you your birthday kisses but hey thats life. Good game last night go the Maroons.
reply  J.J./JP Supreme/lil Josh/Jay wrote
at 12:11PM, Sat 5 June
Kia Ora Bro & G'day Mate..thanx for the Post Billy..ill be supporting STORM HARDOUT!!! but sorry mate i dont back QLD...i go for the mighty NSW..anyways i know you's are playing tough this year..just like me so i wish you well for the rest of 2010 ON & OFF Field best wishes J.J
reply  J.J./JP Supreme/lil Josh/Jay wrote
at 12:11PM, Sat 5 June
Kia Ora Bro & G'day Mate..thanx for the Post Billy..ill be supporting STORM HARDOUT!!! but sorry mate i dont back QLD...i go for the mighty NSW..anyways i know you's are playing tough this year..just like me so i wish you well for the rest of 2010 ON & OFF Field best wishes J.J
reply  moarii boii wrote
at 08:48PM, Sun 30 May
thanks oh and go marroons
reply  moarii boii wrote
at 08:47PM, Sun 30 May
thanks oh and go marroons
reply  Harley Nielsen wrote
at 12:25PM, Thu 27 May
reply  Dee wrote
at 07:10PM, Tue 25 May
Hey Billy, Right all you maroons have to win, I am the only Queensland supporter within a group of 15 going to the local to watch the State of Origin. I have received a lot of flack because of this & they are ganging up on me. Now I want them to eat humble pie, so please do your best...Good luck boys. I'll be cheerin for you.
reply  jaidyn flynn wrote
at 08:31PM, Mon 24 May
Thanks for the message i hope i hear from you again!
reply  Dee wrote
at 08:19PM, Fri 21 May
Thanx for the welcome. I am quite happy tonight because I did some major sucking up to my boss & can now make arrangements to go to Melbourne to watch the Roosters get flogged by the Storm. It will be very interesting as my hubby & 3 boys are Roosters supporters & my 2 girls & I are BIG stom supporters. Better keep the hospitals on standby this could get ugly lol.
reply  lockie delbridge wrote
at 04:15PM, Fri 14 May
billy slater is the best
reply  Dylan Cairns wrote
at 06:11PM, Wed 12 May
Hi, last year in the anzac test match australia and new zealand the kids that were standing at the side when you guys ran out i was the one who was on the right line. i played the football match befor you guys started the game.
reply  Dylan Cairns wrote
at 07:36PM, Tue 11 May
Thanks I will. Your the best fullback ever. Some people say Jarred Hayne is better than you but your the best in the World!!!
reply  Shrek, The Ogre wrote
at 11:42AM, Tue 11 May
Thanks Bill. Great game on the weekend. Hope all turns out well for you in the up and coming weeks. all the best, shrek
reply  james holland wrote
at 11:21AM, Sun 9 May
good luck in your game hope you win
reply  james holland wrote
at 12:05PM, Sat 8 May
did u win australias best athlete?
reply  Sharky wrote
at 12:36PM, Thu 6 May
hi there you are playing well the team looks like they are in high spirits
and if you would like to know done a little bit of research on the moths that fly around during the games in Melbourne they are hawk moths little pests they are there is a way to kill them but believe me it takes a lot . and if will help when you play the sea eagles
if you attack Jamie Lyon to draw out Anthony watmoh in that space he is not used to playing there and there you have an easy try
reply  Lachlan Pass wrote
at 07:08PM, Tue 4 May
thanks hope you win.
reply  Lachlan Pass wrote
at 07:08PM, Tue 4 May
thanks hope you win.
reply  lil nable wrote
at 08:51AM, Thu 29 April
hey mate r u goin to the rebels in union please dont your 1 of the best players in rugby league and if you leave storm will have no chance
reply  lil nable wrote
at 12:27PM, Tue 27 April
hey billy camron from raymond terrace here im 15 and i look up to u i was wondering wat is your view on the melbourne storm scandal
reply  Jo Adamo wrote
at 08:15PM, Mon 26 April
Head up Billy, you lot are just being made examples of. Storm is undoubtably the best team in the NRL.TC.
reply  jayden carter-williams wrote
at 11:19PM, Sun 25 April
hey billy i play for Gosford Kariong storm,i support your team i love playin for storm its really fun
reply  colleen salkeld wrote
at 11:43AM, Sat 24 April
Hi Billy you and the storm have to have "courage under fire' Iignore what is being said about the storm. You are still the greatist team that has ever played. It is my opinion that David Gallop has always disliked the storm. Tell the boys to hold their heads high and go out and play like you have never played before. It is my opinion that there are a lot of sides breaching the salary cap and your team is just the scape goat..
Billy I think you are up there with the greatist players ever in the game. Rember courage under fire.
reply  timote tuitavuki wrote
at 02:37PM, Tue 20 April
ohh heey billy !! im timothy nd i play riqht wing/center and fullback in my teeam!! nd iem like one of th best in the teamm!! soo qood luck ohn ur game's!! lol:)
reply  Jacob Hills wrote
at 06:24PM, Mon 19 April
Hey Billy, my name is Jacob Hills and I play Second Row/Prop/Centre in Rugby League for the Como- Jannali Crocs 11C's. My team won the grand final las year in the 10C's but since on short players this year we're still in the C's. You're my fave fullback ever in the NRL and you're my little sister Erin's fave player in the NRL!!!!
So keep the good work up mate and oh, tell Greg Inglis that I have the same birthday as him, the 15th of January!!!!
So keep working hard and winning and bye!!!
reply  Liam wrote
at 01:55PM, Sun 18 April
Did you play football when you were little
reply  Annelise Rakete wrote
at 11:12AM, Sun 18 April
Thanks, All the luck fr your game ths weekend (:

reply  mason muras wrote
at 07:18PM, Sat 17 April
Hi billy im a big fan I play for cessnock goannas and we beat singleton by 12 nill good luck billy From Mason
reply  Liam wrote
at 08:33PM, Thu 15 April
Hi Billy Slater

on the weekend I scored a try I ran straight up the side line and scored!!!!!!!

reply  Cameron Ninness wrote
at 05:18PM, Thu 15 April
hi billy
good luck on monday aginst manly.
reply  jacob williams wrote
at 04:40PM, Wed 14 April
hii billy
just letting u no my aunty is good friends with your nan
good luck on monday
reply  Genius wrote
at 09:07PM, Tue 13 April
hi billy
reply  jacob williams wrote
at 12:11PM, Tue 13 April
hope u smash the sea eagles on monday
i hate them
reply  Liam wrote
at 08:15PM, Mon 12 April
You are one of my favourite players

From Liam Davis
reply  Iceman wrote
at 03:17PM, Mon 12 April
hi billy, do u no if anyone from your team is on mysport?
reply  Iceman wrote
at 02:49PM, Mon 12 April
hey billy I play for th Engadine dragons and I play hooker
reply  Sham Lee wrote
at 02:57PM, Fri 2 April
Hey Billy I play rugby and I'm a Lock in my team.
reply  baz wrote
at 01:43PM, Sat 20 March
billy you are my favourite player ever
reply  baz wrote
at 08:56PM, Fri 19 March
hey billy i always watch you on tv.
reply  Carlos wrote
at 08:16PM, Tue 16 March
i am a storm supporter in sydney so why dont storm have a fan day in sydney
reply  Dylan Reid wrote
at 08:28PM, Mon 8 March
hey billy rekon youll do awsome in 2010 season u r my fav player ever storms also my fav team
reply  Jamariquai Zachan wrote
at 03:44PM, Tue 9 February
Hey Billy cant wait till season starts ,to watch and to actually play this year for me is a big one hope to play my hardest and trial out for the U 15s and do well.
reply  Jamariquai Zachan wrote
at 03:43PM, Tue 9 February
Hey Billy cant wait till season starts ,to watch and to actually play this year for me is a big one hope to play my hardest and trial out for the U 15s and do well.
reply  phillip mitchell wrote
at 01:39PM, Fri 29 January
i mate, i'm a couch of the under 7's at local club.south tweed heads, whats the chance of u & some other boys coming to say hello to the boys & the club this year ?
reply  j.man catley wrote
at 01:01PM, Thu 21 January
hi billy my name is jasper i am a big fan of u and the roosters
reply  Ashley ''Cougar'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 09:00PM, Wed 23 December
Hi how r ya? Happy xmas.Dasher
reply  Ashley ''Cougar'' Fitzgerald wrote
at 07:26PM, Fri 11 December
Go the Storm.Dasher
reply  Becca wrote
at 12:08PM, Fri 11 December
is this really billy slater?.!
reply  shelly wrote
at 10:32PM, Sat 5 December
u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1li Billy I can't belive i'msending a message to u
reply  Braydan Lobwein wrote
at 08:57AM, Thu 3 December
hi when is your next fotball game.
reply  Riley Lobwein wrote
at 08:56PM, Wed 2 December
hey billy your very fast how many trys have you got
reply  jaiden russell wrote
at 12:28PM, Mon 9 November
HI MY NAME IS JAIDEN I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN YOU ARE MY IDIOL WHEN I GROW UP I WONT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU AND PLAY FOR MELBOURN storms i watched the grand final. i won my grand final as well against macarther allsaints the score was 42 to 6 owe way .i play for ashcroft stallions u/12 div 3 here is my number 0404123419 please call if you want to talk about football or any thing else
reply  ben wrote
at 04:01PM, Sat 31 October
Is there any more storm plarers on the site?[names]
reply  ben wrote
at 03:49PM, Sat 31 October
Do you now any good friends?
reply  ben wrote
at 07:22PM, Fri 30 October
Shore thing. seeya
reply  ben wrote
at 07:12PM, Fri 30 October
Hi billy I am a huge fan.I am only new to the site.I hope the storm can pull of a victory net year. kind regards ben
reply  Rebina Rebina wrote
at 02:49PM, Tue 13 October
Hi Billy love your work, Nice games heading towards the grand final and the grand final was great. So you planning to head to Cairns in the break??. Anyway have a good break looking forward to watching you play again in 2010. Your the best.
reply  Sarah Criniti wrote
at 10:23AM, Mon 12 October
i really wanted to come to federation square when you gus came back. i heard that there were teenage models in the audience so im guessing thats why so many people turned up ;) congrats on getting in the kangaroos side - i knew you would xx
reply  The Chosen One wrote
at 08:45PM, Sat 10 October
Simo Your Not The Only One
reply  Simmo wrote
at 07:30AM, Sat 10 October
please respond i haven't had a famous person online talking to me!
reply  Simmo wrote
at 07:24PM, Fri 9 October
reply  Phill Joseph =] wrote
at 05:16PM, Wed 7 October
hi billy slater your the best player your my favourite player you did so well to win the grand final
reply  Jo Adamo wrote
at 11:34AM, Mon 5 October
Billy Slater you're a bloody Legend!!!
reply  Sarah Criniti wrote
at 07:46PM, Sun 4 October
congratulations on the win and man of the match billy!! you were amazing!!! keep up the great work xx
reply  Sharky wrote
at 09:55PM, Sat 3 October
nice work getting into the grand final but i guess winning it anthor matter but you and the storm got enough to finish it we got a nice message to you and the storm on the noitice board it says this
GO storm go storm you rock guys it was a nice message and 99% of staff and 100% percent of drivers think you will win the gf
reply  will wrote
at 02:02PM, Fri 2 October
reply  will wrote
at 02:01PM, Fri 2 October
tackle harder you
reply  emma hettle wrote
at 11:10PM, Thu 1 October
hi billy good luck to you and the boys on sunday in the words of the guy on water boy YOU CAN DO IT
reply  janet schofield wrote
at 08:14PM, Mon 28 September
hi billy....thanku for the warm welcome......congratulations on all your achievements in the past few yrs,,and congratulations on your upand coming wedding to nicole she seems a really lovely ladyand your daughter tyler is beautiful just like mum and dad.....all the best in this yrs grand final,,,,i hope u take the trophy home to melbourne...by the way i am from nsw and this is my second yr of following melbourne storm ....your team is such joy to watch.....good luck and all the best .....cheers janet
reply  Sarah Criniti wrote
at 07:15PM, Mon 28 September
thanx btw congratulations on all u hav accomplished this year and your baby girl tyler is so adorable =)
reply  Olli3 Rul3s wrote
at 12:08PM, Mon 28 September
Storm v Parramatta
reply  Sarah Criniti wrote
at 06:32PM, Sun 27 September
you are amazing
reply  will wrote
at 08:16AM, Mon 21 September
i think your a good player
hi i go for the Eels. My favourite player is Jarryd Hayne. I would like to here from you so send me a message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  will wrote
at 08:16AM, Mon 21 September
did u get fullback or jarryd hayne
reply  jazza wrote
at 06:55PM, Tue 15 September
go billy
reply  Doggies Bro wrote
at 05:47PM, Mon 14 September
hi billy good game againest manly.
didn't you score 4 tries?
reply  john mussoi wrote
at 05:24PM, Thu 3 September
hi billy slater i go for sharks but i like u out of most players who do u reckon is going to be grand finals
reply  Sam wrote
at 07:46PM, Tue 1 September
Hey billy good luck against the warriors hope you win to get 4th spot :)
reply  speds wrote
at 05:20PM, Wed 26 August
on my fiba
reply  speds wrote
at 05:19PM, Wed 26 August
be friends with pincher
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:27PM, Sun 23 August
hi there
saw you play on tv it was a great game to watch against manly but it seemed windy there .
well good luck with your other games this year
reply  Amaru Potini wrote
at 08:15PM, Sun 23 August
how could come you lost
reply  random bob wrote
at 03:54PM, Fri 21 August
hi bill my names bill
reply  Apenisa Vasutoga wrote
at 05:04PM, Sat 15 August
hi billy..
reply  milkweed wrote
at 02:02PM, Thu 13 August
i like broncos now whitey

reply  mini wrote
at 06:30PM, Tue 11 August
aye u rock billy
reply   dj wrote
at 06:10PM, Tue 11 August
hi slater u rock! I love u
reply  ARNIE wrote
at 04:27PM, Tue 11 August
reply  Caleb McCllough wrote
at 07:14AM, Tue 11 August
Write a message
reply  Carlos wrote
at 05:46PM, Fri 7 August
Hi I am sure you met my friend Joshua Inns at Paramatta Stadium YOU ROCK DUDE!!!
reply  EmSlater :) wrote
at 06:46PM, Sun 2 August
heyy billy.
i met you on tuesday at harvey norman, i just wanted to say, thankyou sooo much! you were sooo nice, and i know thats probably your job, but you did it great. your rele awesome, and im you BIGGEST FAN! sorry about losing to the dragons, you played great tho. Cyaa! :)
Emily x
reply  Jakey Healy wrote
at 09:16PM, Sat 1 August
reply  Maxi wrote
at 03:57PM, Thu 30 July
hello billy slater
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:34PM, Wed 29 July
well good luck with the dragons game
reply  Rebina Rebina wrote
at 12:26PM, Mon 27 July
Hi there Billy, Why are you so Deadly
reply  Rebina Rebina wrote
at 12:17PM, Mon 27 July
Hey Billy Your the best, There is nothing you can not do. Love you heaps
reply  taylah besters wrote
at 05:49PM, Sun 26 July
mad game bily u totaly smashed them sharks wow
reply  Kat Taylor wrote
at 02:13PM, Sun 26 July
heyy great game yesterdayy :)
reply  Ju wrote
at 11:24AM, Sun 26 July
storm smashed the sharks
reply  Jacob Merlino wrote
at 09:26PM, Wed 22 July
ok Billy
reply  Jacob Merlino wrote
at 09:26PM, Wed 22 July
ok Billy
reply  Jakey Healy wrote
at 05:34PM, Wed 22 July
billy do you know if camron smish has this
reply  Ju wrote
at 06:34PM, Tue 21 July
good game against the eels
reply  taylah besters wrote
at 06:29PM, Tue 21 July
hey wats up soz bout the los gainst eels but u played a good game
reply  Ju wrote
at 06:30PM, Sun 19 July
are u playing on monday against eels
reply  Dogz_rock4life wrote
at 09:13PM, Fri 17 July
u played well in state of origin 3

reply  Ju wrote
at 09:34AM, Fri 17 July
QLD won the fight and the series.Go QLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  Doggies Bro wrote
at 11:18PM, Tue 14 July
reply  AzzA wrote
at 08:42PM, Tue 14 July
you will always be the best chip and chaser bro
reply  Ju wrote
at 03:15PM, Sat 11 July
good luck in the origin
reply  Carlos wrote
at 08:52AM, Sat 11 July
Hi Billy Slaters you are the best player EVER!!!!!!
reply  Ju wrote
at 04:05PM, Thu 9 July
Billy you are the best player in the wold
reply  Sharky wrote
at 04:32PM, Mon 6 July
it was a fast very good game to watch Saturday night well keep it up
reply  Haydn Burchell wrote
at 07:49PM, Sun 5 July
you are my idol snd i love footy.i want to be as good as you one day.
good luck in the rest of the season.
reply  Toby wrote
at 06:11PM, Sun 5 July
i am your bigest fan, good luck in origin and the rest of the season
reply  wingwilliams paraorm wrote
at 10:08AM, Thu 2 July
Write a message
reply  Speedy wrote
at 03:37PM, Wed 1 July
hey are u really billy slater
reply  jack griffiths wrote
at 08:32PM, Fri 26 June
good game in origen even though i go for nsw
apart from wen u got nailed by kurt gidley
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:00PM, Thu 25 June
hi there nice win the other night
reply  Sharky wrote
at 09:21PM, Sun 21 June
hey well good luck in origin on Wednesday night
reply  Corzza wrote
at 03:48PM, Sun 21 June
Thanks man your the best of luck in State of Origin
reply  Julianne Bowen wrote
at 08:57PM, Fri 19 June
hi billy
my name is keeley bowen i play for the asquith magpies and i play fullback you were the one who signed the poster to my brother and I. I am your biggest fan! I hope I can hear back from you.
Keeley Bowen
reply  bb gun wrote
at 08:40PM, Fri 19 June
hi billy slater
it's bryson besters and i just want to tell you that my sister loves you
reply  Dogz_rock4life wrote
at 03:52PM, Tue 16 June
hi billy
u r one of my fav players in the NRL
reply  jack griffiths wrote
at 08:53PM, Sun 14 June
hey billy,
your my second favourite player in da world.
can you plz email me
j.griffo1998@hotmail.com and can u plz see if u can get me brett stewarts
reply  Danny Williams wrote
at 05:47PM, Fri 12 June
Send me an email you my faviourite player you RULE
reply  Jaydon Burns wrote
at 12:32PM, Thu 11 June
please send me an email you are my fav football player of all time motoriders57@hotmail.com
reply  matthew craparotta wrote
at 07:46PM, Wed 10 June
nice win over the broncos 48 to 4
reply  jack marquet wrote
at 07:12PM, Wed 10 June
u did heaps good in the state of orign for queenland and u r one of my favoruite players
reply  **M!sS M-JaE** wrote
at 11:07AM, Wed 10 June
Hey bRO BrO...JuSt KlaPpiN bAK TAh sAe THaNX fOa BEiN MaH "ALL-TYME HERO!!" DEadLi TriEz yOu nN tHa bOyZ mAdE OnN STATE.ov.ORIGIN (wOoT WoOt) =D yOu GOe BoY!! HaHa...WeL wORkK yO MadJik On thA uPcOMiN GaMe aGAiNsT THa BRiZzY BrOnCS....UPP THAR STORMZ BARSHH!!! RePpRiZeNT =D haha PeAcE
reply  panthers rock**$$$$$@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ wrote
at 07:07PM, Mon 8 June
hi billy your the best melboun storm player in the team melboun storm are my 2nd fav team
reply  Sharky wrote
at 06:28PM, Mon 8 June
it was a nice win over the broncos last week injoyed the game
reply  matthew craparotta wrote
at 03:49PM, Mon 8 June
you are the best fullback storm is a very good team
reply  Phill Joseph =] wrote
at 06:14PM, Sat 6 June
my brother is your biggest fan
reply  Sharky wrote
at 07:13PM, Thu 4 June
hey nice win over nsw the other night it was a real fast match hopefully qld does well in orgin 2 and 3
reply  Benjamin Gorgievski wrote
at 01:38PM, Thu 4 June
plz make me your friend billy
reply  Benjamin Gorgievski wrote
at 01:37PM, Thu 4 June
hey man im only a kid but im smart enough to know youre the best footy player ever!!!!!
reply  Williams Alana wrote
at 12:26PM, Thu 4 June
Hi Billy you are an excellent football player ,my football is the STORM I watch the game every week , my husband is a Tiger supporter and when Storm come aganst the Tiger well I wont say much but I give it to my husband. Alana W wrote
reply  jake chapman wrote
at 03:45PM, Tue 2 June
bill your awsome every time i go over the line i thick i'm you
reply  Shrek wrote
at 03:23PM, Tue 2 June
G'Day Billy My 3 year old daughter thinks your the bees knees and that Storm are the best team going round.
reply  Claude Edwards wrote
at 05:52PM, Mon 1 June
Hi Billy storm rules..keep smashing the other teams and win the grand final this year. You guys are my inspiration for when i play
reply  Jacko wrote
at 06:41PM, Fri 29 May
can you send an autogragh to my webpage ps.you rock
reply  shept wrote
at 05:15PM, Fri 29 May
hi didyou win
reply  shept wrote
at 05:15PM, Fri 29 May
hi didyou win
reply  fingers wrote
at 05:58PM, Wed 27 May
Hi billy i can not belief that i am talkin to you talk to you later
reply  shept wrote
at 07:33PM, Tue 26 May
reply  Jonathon Pryor wrote
at 06:06PM, Sun 24 May
to billy I am sorry I missed your game at bluetongue last night. I went for the storms for my footy tips. from jonathon pryor 7yrs old
reply  sinisha pavlovic wrote
at 11:08AM, Sun 24 May
hey billy
ur the best playa
reply  Jayden Griffiths wrote
at 09:22AM, Sun 24 May
good try on the weekand but unfortunatley u lost sorry to hear
reply  Jacko wrote
at 04:55PM, Sat 23 May
you are the biggest dog in the world you look dumb in the suzuski add get plastic surgery
reply  bill szewczyk wrote
at 04:51PM, Sat 23 May
thanx for the welcome. I love watching you play. Actually I like watching the whole team. They seem to be firing up now, so I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in the finals. Keep up the great work.
reply  rahiri smith wrote
at 01:42PM, Fri 22 May
i've got you on my tazo
reply   shanis wrote
at 07:41PM, Thu 21 May
hey billy r u playing state of origin if not that sucks
reply   shanis wrote
at 04:34PM, Wed 20 May
hey billy you smashed canberra come talk to me
reply  Bodhi Roberts wrote
at 02:52PM, Tue 19 May
Hey Billy, just wanted to know if you will be playing in the State of Origin?
reply  Tozza wrote
at 08:41PM, Mon 18 May
you smashed canberra
reply  Drayden Nedomlel wrote
at 06:45PM, Mon 18 May
So Billy what team did you play for first.
reply  trent rutherford wrote
at 09:48AM, Sun 17 May
your a really good
reply  Jacob Schulz wrote
at 04:31PM, Fri 15 May
Hey my email address is jacobschulz4@hotmail.com
reply  Jacob Schulz wrote
at 04:16PM, Fri 15 May
Hey do you have a email address if u do send it to me
reply  Jacob Schulz wrote
at 04:12PM, Fri 15 May
Dude how is it going in Australia greatest athlete
reply  blake mckee wrote
at 06:03PM, Thu 14 May
i got my new jersey yesterday storm rock!!!!
reply  blake mckee wrote
at 06:00PM, Thu 14 May
billy your the best storm are the best
reply   wrote
at 04:52PM, Tue 12 May
hey great game on friday night 4 the aussies, nice hole running to get u that awsm try
reply  THE HUNTER wrote
at 10:58AM, Tue 12 May
hey billy all the best for the storm this year and of course go QUEENSLAND
reply  Sharky wrote
at 07:27PM, Mon 11 May
you played well agaist the nz during the test it was a great yet fast game
reply  christiano ronaldo wrote
at 06:22PM, Mon 11 May
hi billy
reply  Jonathon Pryor wrote
at 06:17AM, Mon 11 May
billy good luck tonight at bluetongue hope you win my mum goes for the roosters and i am a bit sick so we cant go watch you play I live near bluetongue and really wanted to see you play good luck jonathon pryor
reply  lachlan rochford wrote
at 10:56AM, Sun 10 May
reply  Tommy wrote
at 06:02PM, Fri 8 May
Hey Billy
Have a great game tonight. Tear them Kiwi's up!!!
reply  Brent Ferguson wrote
at 05:47PM, Fri 8 May
hey bill u smashed the eagels i play for ormeau and im playing tugern tommorow
reply  Carla wrote
at 02:55PM, Fri 8 May
Go Billy
you can win tonight ok
you know hhow your doin that signing session, my mother wont let me go and I really want to meet you and GI and Smithy and Folau
but my mum said Im not aloud to cause its in Brisbane and I live on the Gold Coast
can you 4 talk to me at state of origin match plz
love you
reply  Lebron James wrote
at 08:22PM, Wed 6 May
hey billy u are the best footy player
reply  Bigbird, Swamp wrote
at 05:34PM, Wed 6 May
hay billy a don't play football on a weekend but i play for my school Telarah public at Maitland you are my fravite full back in the world go storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by nicholas waugh please write back
reply  Shazza wrote
at 05:17PM, Wed 6 May
hey Kiddo how's the ankle? hope its feeling better. Take care
reply  vickie slade wrote
at 08:52PM, Sun 3 May
thanks. huge storm fan
reply  Jarrod Isaac wrote
at 10:51AM, Sun 3 May
My name's Jarrod and I'm 13 . I LOVE the storm and want to meet you at valentine rugby league on a tuesday
reply  vaggsy wrote
at 10:26AM, Sat 2 May
reply  Jake Winnell wrote
at 04:16PM, Fri 1 May
Hey Billy i am 13 years old I play for the Yass magpies, I hope you win some games for your biggest fan Jake
reply  rawiri anderson wrote
at 09:38AM, Fri 1 May
reply  Melinda Sims wrote
at 06:43PM, Thu 30 April
Write a message
reply  jacob phelps wrote
at 03:34PM, Wed 29 April
hi i am jacob i hope you win some more games and go kick some butt. i am backing you all the way through the season. from your best player jacob
reply  Mark Bressington wrote
at 09:28AM, Tue 28 April
Thanks for the welcome Billy. looking forward to seeing you in action on the Cetral Coast. Go the Storm
reply  chad watson wrote
at 08:46AM, Tue 28 April
hey billy l hope u have a good game nest week u are the best
reply  brody hill wrote
at 07:21AM, Tue 28 April
hey billy im scott hills nephew i play halfback for forster tuncurry
reply  callum mather wrote
at 06:12PM, Mon 27 April
hey billy , im 9 and i just turned nine yesterday i usally play full back and im good at stepping people sometime my coach calls me jellyfish coz i step all of the time
reply  Josh Wells wrote
at 08:54PM, Sun 26 April
Good game last night mate. Hows Kev proctor and Anthony Quinn??

Mate you gotta lift the Storm there playing so bad and its unlike them
reply  angiesandy wrote
at 10:15PM, Sat 25 April
Brilliant game tonight, hope Procter and Quinn are okay.
reply  matt keane wrote
at 12:51PM, Wed 22 April
billy your my favourite player in the NRL except in the state of origin but other than that ur madd
reply  Jonathon Pryor wrote
at 07:10AM, Tue 21 April
i am going to watch you play at bluetongue in may
reply  John Boyd wrote
at 08:07PM, Mon 20 April
Hi Billy,
you're my favorite footy player. GO STORM!!!!
reply  Cowl wrote
at 08:16AM, Mon 20 April
Hi Billy you will get smash by the Tigers
reply  sam morrison wrote
at 05:50PM, Sat 18 April
hi billy your the best. I live in tully which is just outta innisfail .have you ever been there.
reply  Jonathon Pryor wrote
at 07:58AM, Sat 18 April
hi billy i went to a kids coaching clinic last week and i was on the billy slater team but with no billy
reply  Bretty Jack wrote
at 03:12PM, Fri 17 April
Hi Billy, saw u on the footy show last night. Although it was on late over here in ballarat.
reply  Olli3 Rul3s wrote
at 01:36PM, Fri 17 April
Hi billy how are you going?
reply  Hazza wrote
at 01:20PM, Fri 17 April
hi billy i stayed up late to watch u on the footy show. lucky it was school holidays...our very first competition game starts this saturday... I'm in Under 7s for Quakers Hill Destroyers!
reply  Jay wrote
at 09:18AM, Fri 17 April
Your the best storm piayer ever
reply  jackson boyd wrote
at 07:17PM, Thu 16 April
hi billy, storm are going good this season!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice going on rexonas greatest athelete...... from number1 storm supporter jackson
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:09PM, Wed 15 April
hi there nice going lately
reply  jake barnett wrote
at 02:52PM, Wed 15 April
hey billy im a big fan of storm and ur my favourite player. How did u get so fast?
reply  stix wrote
at 09:29PM, Mon 13 April
reply  clay OBRIEN wrote
at 05:03PM, Mon 13 April
can you try to get your team to the grandfinal go stom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  clay OBRIEN wrote
at 05:00PM, Mon 13 April
hi billy im clay you number 1# fan
reply  harry Landers wrote
at 05:32PM, Sun 12 April
2 4 6 8 who do we aprecheate not the king not the queen syor storm thats our team GO STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reply  Conner Le wrote
at 01:00PM, Sat 11 April
it doesen't look like the storms are going good
reply  Kelstar wrote
at 01:20PM, Fri 10 April
reply  Lachie wrote
at 07:26AM, Fri 10 April
reply  ramslash wrote
at 06:51PM, Thu 9 April
can you change your fav club and if yes how?
reply  candy wrote
at 06:41PM, Wed 8 April
hi billy you are a good player
reply  mitchell heighway wrote
at 06:02PM, Wed 8 April
reply  josh hedley wrote
at 07:28PM, Tue 7 April
hay billy u should come out to middlemount somtime
reply  Sharky wrote
at 09:09PM, Mon 6 April
well don't take it too hard its been a real up and down season well you win some and you loose some well with our group 6 comp its been happing a fair bit
reply  josh hedley wrote
at 08:20PM, Mon 6 April
you billy bad loss
reply  camryn broom wrote
at 11:37AM, Sun 5 April
reply  camryn broom wrote
at 11:33AM, Sun 5 April
reply  camryn broom wrote
at 11:33AM, Sun 5 April
reply  camryn broom wrote
at 11:33AM, Sun 5 April
reply  brody hill wrote
at 09:05AM, Sun 5 April
ya gonna win the comp
reply  brody hill wrote
at 08:58AM, Sun 5 April
ya smashed em in the sprt challenge
reply  brody hill wrote
at 08:54AM, Sun 5 April
hey billy im scoot hills nephew go the STORM!
reply  Kelstar wrote
at 01:24PM, Sat 4 April
hey billy
reply  wassa wrote
at 11:40AM, Sat 4 April
Hi billy my name is brent and i play center for the Ormeau Shearers and i'm in under twelves
reply  wassa wrote
at 11:32AM, Sat 4 April
addme as fergi7
reply  Anesi Ekeroma wrote
at 08:41PM, Thu 2 April
hey billy slater,how are you?im anesi here and im your biggest fan.melbourne storm is my favourite rugby team so just thought i'l stop by and say hello.hows things anyways?ok get back at me when you get a chance.
reply  Aiden wrote
at 06:26PM, Thu 2 April
I will
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:18PM, Wed 1 April
hi there the storm not doing too bad this year ill keep checking back here through out the season
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:18PM, Wed 1 April
hi there the storm not doing too bad this year ill keep checking back here through out the season
reply  CONNOR O'BRIEN wrote
at 03:48PM, Sun 29 March
Write a message nice page billy
reply  galen banfield wrote
at 08:18AM, Sun 29 March
Thanks give you all the best of luck
reply  clay OBRIEN wrote
at 09:14PM, Sat 28 March
reply  clay OBRIEN wrote
at 08:20PM, Sat 28 March
yes i would
reply  Sharky wrote
at 07:36PM, Sat 28 March
hey everyone from greatest athlete forum asked me to mention congrats for winning the comp
reply  Ham wrote
at 05:37PM, Wed 25 March
hey your awesome
reply  Leaso wrote
at 05:33PM, Wed 25 March
Nice Work Billy. Good to see stars involved with the sport outside the game
reply  Jazza wrote
at 10:22AM, Tue 24 March
silly billy
reply  Jazza wrote
at 07:52AM, Tue 24 March
hi billy were you on the ladder you are 9th did you lose or somthing.Im 8 but can still be my friend on my footy web.Sa ya
reply  Nugget wrote
at 07:08PM, Mon 23 March
u r the best fullback of all time
reply  Lucas wrote
at 01:25PM, Sun 22 March
Sup billy hope u ur team come 1st and win grand final agian this year thax 4 entertainment billy
reply  josh frederickson wrote
at 06:37PM, Tue 17 March
hi billy i hope one day i can be as good as you i play rugby for the south eastern titans
reply  Boogs wrote
at 05:08PM, Tue 17 March
wat you been up to brother boy.
reply  sammy angelis wrote
at 07:05PM, Mon 16 March
billy my name is Sammy and i love how you step people it is so cool
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:06PM, Sun 15 March
hi there nice win agaist the dragons herd the game over the radio listend to it at the rec center it was a close game well good luck in comming games
reply  skyangel wrote
at 09:55PM, Wed 11 March
good luck in the opening round, fliying into melbourne friday to watch the game... awesome stuff..
reply  parker hagai wrote
at 02:26PM, Wed 11 March
go storms

peace out
reply  deb endycott wrote
at 04:35PM, Sat 7 March
Hi Billy we have a spot for you, when ever you are ready..Cheers
reply  Boogs wrote
at 01:42PM, Wed 4 March
hi brother i like your game so wats happing down there.
reply  Sharky wrote
at 08:12PM, Tue 3 March
hi there billy , if you can could you please send any photos or news of the storm i run a small group that covers all nrl teams at multiply. thanks sharky
well how's it been its been a while since we last talked or i sent you a message its been a busy time as we got semis and finals comming up with touch if you have any advice please let me know thanks again sharky
reply  travis blair wrote
at 12:36PM, Mon 2 March
hey billy
reply  Boxhead wrote
at 08:11PM, Fri 27 February
can u send me photos and stuff to my house
reply  Boxhead wrote
at 08:10PM, Fri 27 February
hope u win the priemership i am your number 1 fan my dfreams are 2 play for the storm and go c u play at a match
reply  Ali Taufa wrote
at 09:42PM, Thu 26 February
hope u win this year
reply  speds wrote
at 07:34AM, Thu 26 February
hey billy which team do you think would get wooden spoon this year
reply  Elizabeth Dunn wrote
at 04:34PM, Wed 25 February
im your i number 1 fan I've being going for storms 4 ever
reply  Elizabeth Dunn wrote
at 04:17PM, Mon 23 February
hello im storms number 1 fan please visit my page
reply  Sharky wrote
at 07:20PM, Thu 19 February
should probably let you know where it is http://nrlteams.multiply.com and your welcome to become a member
reply  Sharky wrote
at 07:12PM, Thu 19 February
hi there
i currently run a group called nrl teams i was wondering if at all possible could you send me any news or photos of the storms progress through out the year thanks again sharky
reply  Jenifer Watson wrote
at 08:44AM, Wed 18 February
Hay Billy
Bit sad about last season, Hope yas can get there again this year. GO THE STORM
reply  Sharky wrote
at 06:31PM, Tue 17 February
hey thanks for adding me and good luck for 2009
how long have you been playing . i play a bit my self manly fullback in rugby league and center in touch also plays bit of tackle footy well goto go catch up later
reply  Daniel Adamson wrote
at 06:07PM, Tue 17 February
hey billy storm are a great team got in final twice in a row to bad you lost last year but you will have a good year this year i think. all the best dan.=]
reply  skyangel wrote
at 08:50PM, Mon 16 February
cheers, heres to an awesome 2009!!
reply  old macdonald wrote
at 07:12PM, Mon 16 February
Billy I will definitely look at your site and i hope you win Australia's Greatest Athlete!
reply  clavelly wrote
at 01:42PM, Sun 15 February
reply  A.J wrote
at 12:02PM, Sun 15 February
hey how r u going how long hav u been playing footy
reply  brock rozen wrote
at 04:10PM, Sat 14 February
i love you but im a roosters fan
reply  kade spear wrote
at 06:01PM, Fri 13 February
billy ya awsome
reply  James Nuku Atkinson wrote
at 10:29AM, Fri 13 February
it is great isnt it
reply  lachlan day wrote
at 05:46PM, Thu 12 February
reply  lachlan day wrote
at 05:44PM, Thu 12 February
reply  macca wrote
at 03:35PM, Thu 12 February
i will like to see your site.
reply  STEVEN BROWN wrote
at 06:01PM, Wed 11 February
i'll proberly will see your page