Amatuer sport photographer. Currently training with the Christies Beach Saints senior team for 2012. Wears #33 for the Sainters C-grade since 2008. Played for Christies on and off since 1998, Under ...
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    reply  Weeds wrote
    at 09:22AM, Sat 25 May
    GAMEDAY 25/5: Christies Beach v Edwardstown @ Bice Oval from 2.30; Sturt v West Adelaide @ Envestra Park from 2.10pm.

    reply  Weeds wrote
    at 06:19PM, Sat 20 April
    Wow, Brighton copping a hiding from Morphettville Pk, Bombers missing Trevor Rigney & Gabe Phillips up forward I reckon.
    reply  Weeds wrote
    at 07:38PM, Sun 14 April
    Tangible improvement in the Christies A-Grade side this year, got to keep building on it and become a finals contender.
    reply  Weeds wrote
    at 10:35PM, Sun 7 April
    The tough start to season 2013 will continue for CBFC Saints - next 3 matches are Flaggies (A), Porties (H) & Reynella (A)...some big asks there for the mighty Saints.
    reply  Weeds wrote
    at 04:14PM, Mon 1 April
    So after six months of competition the NBL enters its Grand Final series exactly as per last season...NZ v Perth. Need the other teams to step up considering NZ & Perth were the only two teams above 50% on win-loss.
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    Sun 08 Feb 2015 16:03:12
    Weeds Christies v Noarlunga, 17/5 @ Old Noarlunga Oval - carn the Saints!!
    Sat 17 May 2014 08:46:18
    Weeds Christies v Marion @ Bice Oval, A's 2:30pm 9/5
    Fri 09 May 2014 22:04:59
    Weeds Christies v Morphett Vale to kick start the season, A's from 2:30pm 5/4
    Fri 04 Apr 2014 18:35:14
    Weeds Happy New Year...2014 CBFC Saints Arise
    Wed 01 Jan 2014 01:49:35
    Weeds 2014 SFL A & B grade fixtures out now
    Thu 19 Dec 2013 16:39:13
    Weeds Well done Reynella Wineflies 2013 Premiers...bad luck Morphie Pk
    Sun 22 Sep 2013 21:46:03
    Weeds SFL GF Sat 21/9: Morphettville Pk v Reynella...GO ROOS!
    Thu 19 Sep 2013 18:32:35