The Melton Basketball Association (MBA) is a not for profit sporting organisation promoting the game of basketball throughout the City of Melton.The MBA actively promotes basketball and provides the Melton Community the opportunity to be involved in all levels of basketball. This ranges from our ‘Aussie Hoops’ programs for beginners to junior and senior domestic competitions. In 2015 we had 13 teams competing in the VJBL representative competition for junior basketballers. Of the 13 teams, the 4 of our Junior Thoroughbreds teams that made the Grand Final in their respective divisions went on to win the championship! We have a Youth League Men’s team that competes in YLM2 competition. Last season, the team just missed out on the finals however season 2016 is looking very promising with the return of at least 4 of our home grown players returning to take the team to the next level. We expect to be very competitive and would like to think that we can win this Championship. Our Division 1 Big V Men’s Team the Melton Thoroughbreds won the Championship in only their second season in that Division, having won the Division 2 Championship in 2013.'

Growth in our association is strong with the addition of our 8th Domestic Club last season, and the addition of another 2 court facility to our competition schedule in the past year, taking our total to 5 courts being utilised for Domestic Competition.

2015 was an exciting and rewarding year for the MBA which saw enormous success across our many competitions with strong growth a major indicator that we are heading in the right direction.

The Melton Basketball Association has in excess of 2,200 registered members and have over 4,500 people coming through the doors across 7 days a week and all year round.

        The MBA boasts a wide demographic of members around the community. Melton Basketball has participants aged 4 to 65, both male and female, from a range of cultures and backgrounds.  Melton Basketball also has a large online and digital presence. Our website  attracts between 35,000 and 45,000 unique visitors each month as members check for the latest news and visit to see their fixtures and results. Melton Basketball is also heavily active on social media. Our Facebook page (1,500+ likes) reaches over 2,000 people each week with news, photos, videos, sponsor plugs and other information.  Other sites include Twitter (300+ followers), Instagram (600+ followers) & YouTube (7,000+ video views). All of our fans, followers and subscribers are local Melton people and have an active interest in Melton Basketball.




Winter 2016 Mens A
1 Tigers 48
2 Knights 47
3 The Gringos 40
4 Spartan 37
5 LeBrontourage 36
6 Poowong Pints 35
8 Spartans 27

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