Umpire AFL in 2016




AFL Brisbane Juniors are on the lookout for umpires to join our team in season 2016.


There are two options for a new umpire to come on board - either becoming a club apppointed umpire, or a league appointed umpire.





Club Appointed Umpires are used for U8s to U10s matches across Brisbane.  The features of becoming a club umpire are: 

- Officiate in U8, U9 and U10 matches
- Appointed to matches by your local club

- Training provided twice a year by AFL Brisbane Juniors
- Option to train with AFLBJ League Umpires if desired

- Minimum age is 12 years old. Male or female. 


AFLBJ League Appointed Umpires are utilised for all U11-U17s matches. The features of becoming a league umpire are: 
- Appointed to matches by AFL Brisbane Juniors
- Earn minimum $30 per game

- Training provided weekly
- Attendance at training only compulsory once a month
Able to balance football and umpiring committments
- Access to specialised coaches who can help develop your umpiring
- All brand new umpires have access to one on one mentoring

- Access to the AFL Queensland Talented Umpire Pathway, including the AFLQ State Umpire Academy.
- Recommended age is 13 years old, turning 14 in the same calendar year. Male or female. 

We are currently taking expressions of interest for next year. Please click on the link below and fill in your details if you are looking at becoming an umpire in 2016:




If you have any queries contact 

Pierce Field (AFLBJ Umpire Coordinator) 

Ph: (07) 3033 5439, Fax: (07) 3846 7381, Mob: 0405 297 347 Email:


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